Sound of Freedom Tour

The “Sound of Freedom Tour” was created by a decorated Military Combat Veteran and businessman. The tour is operated by Universal Catamaran Corporation Tour Division. The project has included the design and construction of “the most powerful boat in the world”, the F-4 Phantom ll Jet Boat. The Phantom ll’s mission is to entertain thousands of spectators and fans while raising both public awareness and funding for The U.S. Military Support Group. The F-4 Phantom ll Jet Boat will be headlining opening ceremonies at national events such as NASCAR, Bowl Games, Air and Boat Shows and other large public events. The F-16 Viper Jet Dragster will be racing in many events throughout the U.S.

Our Mission

The Sound of Freedom Tour operates on a multiyear schedule for a national promotion and racing campaign, benefiting the U.S. Military Support Group. Every 12 months the U.S. Military Support Group selects several 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that benefit from the USMSG donations. These monetary donations are derived from corporate sponsorship, cash and property donations, raffles, concessions sales and specialty product sales. Each year, USMSG donates equally to several of the selected veterans organizations. Qualified 501(c)(3) veteran’s organizations are encouraged to contact USMSG with their desire to be one of the selected organizations to receive the USMSG donations.


Jet Boat Under Construction


The campaign features display and racing of two of the most extreme pieces of jet powered equipment in the world, the Thriller F-4 Phantom II Jet Boat and the Thriller F-16 Viper Jet Dragster. The equipment was designed and built by two high profile companies, Thriller Powerboats of Florida and Rosberg Motorsports of North Carolina. Thriller Powerboats, a veteran owned company, is an industry leader building the “SuperCat 55” high-speed tour catamaran for U.S. and international tour companies. They also build, racing, fishing, and commuter versions.


Thriller F-4 Phantom II

Thriller Super Cat 55

Thriller F-16 Viper

Rosberg Motorsports, RMS, was founded by the late Dick Rosberg a combat Marine veteran. RMS designs, builds and consults for some of the world’s fastest jet dragsters. Dick was a nationally known funny car, jet car, and drag boat racing champion. He had raced for more than 40 years starting his career in Southern California as one of the original Lion’s Drag Strip “week-end racers”. His first trip down the drag strip was in a Top Fuel dragster and ran 180 mph, which in 1964 was very fast. He has driven many famous dragsters and funny cars in his life and has been racing jet powered cars for the last 25 years. Additional credit to Dick’s fame is in 1970 he drove a Top Fuel hydroplane and at the same time he drove a Top Fuel dragster. Since each vehicle had different owner’s Dick had to choose between asphalt and water.


Most of the veteran’s organizations that USMSG selects are smaller in size and have limited budgets for fund raising activities. However, these small organizations provided much support and critical services for all military veterans and their families.


“We hope you will help make this tour a great success by adding your company to our list of high profile advertising sponsors or just joining the many USMSG members who are eager to do their part in assisting our military veterans. This can be accomplished by becoming a member on our USMSG Member’s Site, supporting the advertising sponsors, attending one or more of the exciting events, and by purchasing some of the cool Sound of Freedom/USMSG jet gear available on the USMSG web site and at the events.


“The General”

Sound of Freedom Tour