As an advertising sponsor for the "Sound Of Freedom" promotional/racing tour, your company will be highly recognized as having supported a number of important veterans organizations and programs.

Most people are not aware that many veterans returning to civilian life from Military Service are very often in need of assistance in making this transition. Government programs and assistance intended to help them are sometimes difficult to find and in some cases nonexistent. The tour, through the U.S. Military Support Group, helps support different 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations. These organizations assist military veterans and their families in areas such as 24 hour help lines, disability assistance, housing, job assistance, rehabilitation and many other needed services. The Sound of Freedom Tour offers many different categories of advertising sponsorship. These categories have been designed to fit the budget of any size company, including our Platinum sponsor, in which the entire national tour is branded in their name


Sound of Freedom Tour revenue is generated from advertising fees, event fees, and media events.

Both Jet Vehicles are painted in Vietnam era jungle camouflage with the names and insignias of all five military services; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Each vehicle will proudly exhibit the logos and corporate branding of all our advertising sponsors. When our events scheduled permits, both vehicles will be made available to all advertising sponsors for their own internal events or promotions. A corporate sponsorship plaque with a link to your website will also be added to our "Hall of Honor" page.



The Thriller F-16 Viper Jet Dragster will race nationally in approximately 25 races per year and will occasionally be exhibited with the Thriller F-4 Phantom II jet boat, when scheduling permits. The Thriller F-4 Phantom II Jet Boat will also be scheduled to appear in 25 to 30 promotional/racing events per year. These are large events that in many cases receive heavy media and national TV coverage. The events will include but not be limited to large boat shows such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale, major air shows, NASCAR races, televised offshore boat races, Bowl Games, speed shows, and major events.

Car Races

Air Shows

Boat Races


We expect these extremely unique vehicles will be covered very heavily by newspapers, magazines, and national television news. Your company will be showcased as one of the generous sponsors involved in helped to make this very important program possible.


For detailed sponsorship information, please contact us.
Email:  info@jetpowertour.com
phone: 772-429-8816

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