The Jet Vehicles

The U.S. Military Support Group, along with its advertising sponsors, presents "The Sound of Freedom" extreme jet power promotional/racing campaign. The multi year campaign will feature both static displays and racing of two of the most radical and exciting jet powered vehicles on the planet.

    Thriller F-4 Phantom II Performing for NASCAR fans in Charlotte, NC

The F-4 Phantom II Jet Boat

The F-4 Phantom II was designed and built for the "Sound of Freedom" Tour as a promotional tool by Thriller Powerboats of Florida. Thriller Powerboats manufacturers U.S.C.G. certified 43 passenger high-speed catamarans for the tour industry in addition to a Fishing, Poker Run, and Sport Commuter model.

The Phantom II is a modified version of the Thriller "FastMover" poker run model. The 55 foot, high-speed catamaran, is powered by two modified General Electric J-85, jet-fighter engines with full military afterburners capable of emitting large plumes of red, white and blue smoke during its live ceremonies. The engines deliver over 12,000 pounds of thrust and can consume over 300 gallons of jet fuel in 15 minutes. The vessel has all state-of-the-art electronics and equipment, including sidewinder missles and 20 MM gattling guns. The authentic Vietnam Era camo paint scheme incorporates the insignias of all 5 U.S. Military Services and the logos of our Sponsors whose help and support mades this vessel's construction and promotional campaign possible.

The F-4 Phantom II headlines opening ceremonies and performs live demos, both in and out of the water, at events such as NASCAR Races, Bowl Games, Air Shows, Boat and Car Shows and other large public gatherings. USMSG merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, posters, calendars, coffee cups and the DVD of "building the most powerful boat in the world"are available for purchase at all events and on the USMSG web site.

 Digital Model

 Sidewinder Missiles

 Full Military Afterburners

 Cockpit Controls

As part of a proposed documentry showcasing the three years of ongoing challanges we faced building the Phantom II Jet Boat, two high definition time-lapse cameras as well as hours of video and still footage have captured all the day-to-day activity surrounding the construction of this unique vessel from the very beginning.

State-of-the-art, high definition webcam archive video is also available to our member not-only detailing the daily activities here at the Port Fierce Facility, but also shows live engine/systems testing, in-water sea trials, and public demonstrations. Members can also view the on-ongoing technical/engineering problems (and solutions). "How do we prevent a 1500 degree turbojet afterburner from burning through the fibreglass hull only two inches away?"

It took our friends at NASA to come up with a solution to that one. Numerous clips and articles documenting this "amazing journey" and more are available on this web site, Please stay tuned !! Please check our "Events Schedule" page to see what's on the agenda.

The F-16 Viper Jet Dragster

The Thriller F-16 Viper is one of the world's fastest jet dragsters. It is a state-of-the-art drag racer powered by a modified General Electric J-85 jet fighter engine with full military afterburner. It also has the capabilities of emitting large plumes of red, white and blue smoke during its demos.The engine develops over 6000 pounds of thrust and can propel the dragster to speeds of nearly 350 miles per hour in the quarter mile.

With a thunderous roar and 30 feet of flame and smoke from it's afterburner The Viper is a definite thriller for patrons of all ages. It's painted identical to the Thriller Phantom II and both can be displayed or demonstrated together when not racing or otherwise participating at another event.

We'll also be shooting exciting high definition footage of drag racing events and shows attended by the F-16 Viper throughout the summer and into the fall. These ongoing "location videos" will be continuously available to our loyal member supporters via the USMSG Member's Website.



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